Getting an x-ray or medical examination


If you need to get a chest x-ray or medical examination, you'll need to bring certain things along to your appointment. At your appointment the physician will examine you and send us information we can use to check you have an acceptable standard of health. 如果您需要做胸部x光或体检的话,您将需要携带一些东西来赴约。赴约时,内科医生将为您做检查并将检查的信息发送给我们,我们能以此来检查您的健康达标情况。

If you have to get a chest x-ray or medical examination, you’ll need to use a doctor or radiologist from our 'List of Panel Physicians'. 如果您必须要做胸部x光或体检的话,您将需要看我们“指定医生列表”上的一位医生或放射科医生。

If there aren’t any Panel Physicians in your country, you can arrange to have a chest x-ray or medical examination with any registered doctor. 如果在您的国家没有任何指定医生,您可以安排任何注册医生为您做胸部x光或体检。

When to have your x-ray or medical examination


The chest x-ray and medical certificates that doctors send us to confirm you’ve had your x-ray and/or medical examination must be no more than 3 months old when we receive them. For this reason, we recommend you arrange any medical appointments as soon as you can before applying for a visa. 我们必须在3个月内收到医生发送给我们的胸部x光片和诊断书以便确认您已经照过X光和/或做过体检。出于这个原因,我们建议您在申请签证之前尽快安排任何医疗预约。

What to bring to your appointment


  • an identity document -一份身份证件
  • your glasses or contact lenses if you use them -如果您经常戴眼镜或者隐形眼镜的话,带上
  • a list of any medication you are taking (including dosage) -您正在服用的任何药物清单(包括剂量)
  • any relevant medical reports or x-rays -任何相关的医疗报告或X光结果
  • if you’re 17 or under, your parent or legal guardian with you -如果您17岁或不满17岁,须有父亲(母亲)或法定监护人随同
  • if you’re using an immigration adviser, a completed ‘Immigration Adviser Details’ form. -如果您现在有移民顾问的话,携带填写完整的“移民顾问详情”表 If you choose to, you can bring a family member, support person, and/or interpreter to your appointment. Let the clinic know when you make your appointment if you will be bringing another person with you. 如果您选择,您可以带一位家庭成员、支持的人和/或翻译与您一起赴约。如果您将带另一个人与您一起赴约的话,请让诊所知道。

If you’re from an eMedical country


You’ll need to read a copy of the ‘eMedical consent and declaration’ before your examination. During your examination you’ll be asked to confirm that you understand it and then sign it in front of your physician - if you’re aged 17 years or under, your parent or guardian will need to sign it for you. 在做检查前,您需要阅读一份“电子医疗同意与声明”副本。检查期间,医生会询问您是否理解其内容并在医生面前进行签署——如果您17岁或不满17岁,您的父亲(母亲)或监护人需要代您签署。

After your eMedical examination, you’ll be given an eMedical reference number to include with your visa application. 电子医疗检查后,您将会得到一份您进行签证申请时需要的电子医疗参考编号。

New Zealand is an eMedical enabled country. 新西兰是一个电子医疗使用国。

If you’re not from an eMedical country


If you’re not from an eMedical country, you’ll also need to bring the following items to your medical appointment: 如果您不是来自电子医疗国家的话,您也将需要携带以下物品来赴约:

  • 3 recent passport-sized photos, or only one if you’re having a chest x-ray and not a medical examination – photos must be less than 6 months old -3张最近的护照尺寸的照片,或者如果您正在做胸部x光(不是体检)的话,只需携带一张照片即可——照片必须是6个月以内的
  • printed medical certificates for the examining physician to complete – you’ll need to include the completed certificates with your visa application. -打印完整的医学检验医师证书——您的签证申请将需要这些完整的证书。

All x-ray and medical certificates must be completed in English. 所有的X光片和诊断书都必须以英文写就。

What happens at a medical examination


There are 3 parts to the medical examination: 体检有3部分:

  1. Medical history and physical examination. 1.病史和体格检查。
  2. Urine and blood tests. 2.尿检和血检。
  3. Chest x-ray, if required. 3.如果需要的话,做胸部x光。

The physician will complete the physical examination. He or she will check your height, weight, mental state, hearing and vision, listen to your heart, lungs, feel your abdomen and check your reflexes, power and the rest of your nervous system. 医生将完成体检。他/她将会测量您的身高、体重,检查您的精神状态、听力与视力,心率(心律)、肺部听诊,腹部触诊并检查您的反应能力、力量以及其他的神经系统。

You’ll need to remove some items of clothing for the physical examination. Some parts of the physical examination may be completed by a nurse or health care assistant. 体检时您将需要将衣物上的一些物品摘除。体检的某些部分可能需要由护士或卫生保健助理完成。

You will need to provide a urine sample during the medical examination. 体检过程中您将需要提供尿液样本。

You will also need to get blood tests, and possibly a chest x-ray and some other tests if necessary. 您还需要做血检,如果有必要的话,也可能是胸部x光及其他一些测试。

You may need to go to different places to get some tests done. 您可能需要到不同的地方做一些测试。

If you’d like a copy of your medical examination results, you should advise the clinic at the time you are undergoing your examination. 如果您想要一份体检结果,您应该在做检查的时候与诊所进行协商。



You can’t have your medical examination during your period (menstruation) because the blood can affect your results – you’ll need to wait until your period finishes before having your medical examination. 由于血液会影响您的测试结果,所以月经期间您不能进行体检——您需要等到月经结束后再做体检。

Women aged 45 and over may need to have a breast examination. Your physician will tell you if you need one. 45岁及以上的妇女可能需要有一项乳房检查。您的医生会告诉您是否需要该项检查。



All children, including babies, must have a medical examination. 所有儿童(包括婴儿)必须做一次体检。

Children aged 10 and under don’t need to have a chest x-ray, unless the physician thinks it’s necessary or we ask for one. 10岁及以下儿童不需要做胸部x光,除非医生认为有必要或我们要求这么做。

Children aged 14 and under don’t need to have a blood test, unless the physician thinks it’s necessary or we ask for one. 14岁及以下儿童不需要做血检,除非医生认为有必要或我们要求这么做。

Cost of your health examination


You’re responsible for paying any fees and costs associated with your medical examinations. Health costs can vary from country to country. For this reason, we recommend that you contact the clinic before your appointment to ask about the fees. 您负责支付与您体检相关的任何费用和开支。保健开支因国家而异。出于这个原因,我们建议您在预约体检前先联系诊所询问费用情况。

What we do with your x-ray and medical examination results


We use your x-ray and medical examination results to decide if you have an acceptable standard of health. 我们根据您的x光和体检结果决定您的健康状况是否达标。

Once all blood test, urinalysis and chest x-ray exam results have been returned, the examining physician will grade your health examination and send it to us. 一旦所有血检、尿检及胸部x光检查结果已经送还的话,检查医生将将您的体检分好等级并将其发送给我们。

If you ask for email notifications, we’ll send you an automated email to let you know when we receive your health information. 如果您要求邮件通知,那么当我们收到您的健康信息的同时会有自动邮件回复给您以便您知晓。

If there are no significant abnormal results, our online health system may decide you have an acceptable standard of health within minutes or refer your results to an immigration officer for manual processing. 如果没有重大异常的结果,我们的在线医疗体系可以在几分钟内决定您的健康是否达标或由移民官参考您的结果进行手动处理。

Immigration officers use your graded examination results to help them decide if you have an acceptable standard of health. 移民官借助您的已分等级的检查结果来帮助他们决定您的健康状况是否达标。

An immigration officer may refer your results to our medical assessors if we need medical advice to decide if you have an acceptable standard of health. We may also ask you to provide more information about your health before making a decision. 如果我们需要医疗咨询来决定是否您的健康状况达标的话,移民官可能会参考您的检查结果给我们的医疗评估员。在做决定之前,我们也可能会要求您提供更多关于您健康状况的详情。